Conquering The Pressures of Materialism

by Jason

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It’s important to strive for nice things in life. Goals are an important part of flexing the human drives that make you feel alive. However, this can also be a trap when you’re trying to obtain materialistic comforts just for the sake of keeping up with the crowd around you.

Keeping up with the Jones’ is not a new concept. It’s a social pressure that’s been ingrained in us since the civilized world came to be. The constant influx of marketing in every livable space in life (online and offline) makes it impossible to go a second without being told what you “need” to have in order to feel validated among the rest of society.

Yes, we are conditioned to base our own self worth on the bar set by the modern world. And, the continuous evolution of technology and economic expansion consistently raises that bar – on a daily basis.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t want for luxury or comforts that make your existence more pleasurable. This isn’t some lecture on the importance of materialistic modesty. That’s not my point.

My point is for you to take note of how you view these luxuries in alignment with your own self-worth.

When you are always chasing a dragon that defines you, you’ll never find peace with your place in the world.

There’s a difference between ambition and pressure to keep up. This sort of internal requirement to have more in order to feel greater worth can be a cage to your own self-fulfillment on this earth.

That’s said, it’s also a cage that you can break from at any time.

You lock yourself up in this cage when you unconsciously think in a certain way. When you view consumption not as a means to an end but an end itself – you suddenly realize you’re on a treadmill that never stops. The idea of having certain amounts of money and acquiring specific possessions becomes an insatiable addiction if you don’t appreciate what you already have.

The best way to stop this pattern of chasing future materialistic gain is to take time every single day to take inventory for all you have to be grateful for. This can be done through meditative practice or by simply reflecting your thoughts towards an appreciation for your life and everything (everyone) in it.

Remember, incessant desire will never leave you satisfied with the life you are currently living in.

Find solace in the gift of every new day on earth. As you strive to reach your materialistic goals, feel happy with where you are starting from and know that your actions towards betterment are the reward of your desire – not the materials that wait for you at the finish line.

P.S. – Here’s how to feel GREAT no matter what => Don’t define your self-worth by your net worth.



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