Has Social Anxiety Sabotaged Your Career Path? Fight Back!

by Jason

fight back against social anxiety

One of the reasons I began blogging long ago was to engage people in a way that is far less confrontational while feeling like I have a strong platform to express myself.

I never really experienced this kind of freedom with my conventional 9-5 job and the ability to speak to others in this way has truly been a liberating experience.

If your own position at work is constantly sabotaged by your shyness, you do have some options.

With the advent of computer technologies over the last 20 years more and more remote working opportunities are opening up all over the place and I highly recommend you explore either supplementing your income with a job that allows your full expression or completely transitioning into a medium that gives you space to be yourself.

This is about more than just making money. When you make money based on your skill set, it enforces your talents and gives you greater confidence in yourself. This is the feedback that we oftentimes miss as social anxiety sufferers.

Our ego and insecurity gets in the way of this fulfillment at the workplace. The result? We feel less motivated to standout at our jobs and this continues the downward decline of our career prominence.

So, if you haven’t received a promotion in what feels like an eternity, you may want to start ramping up your esteem elsewhere.

Elance.com is a wonderful place to start.

The website allows you to bid for freelance jobs online in the areas of writing, virtual assistance, multimedia, design, technology and almost any suppplementary business service you can imagine.

It’s something worth checking out at it can be a big boost in your self worth AND your net worth.

…or you can simply take my advice here and fast forward your “feel-good”.



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