How to BE the Fun

by Jason

be the fun

Hey There! How are you feeling today? I have to admit, I’m writing this post at the crack of dawn after an early morning cup of coffee so I hope I don’t sound a little WIRED here.

Also, I know I’m always trying to tell YOU to stay away from caffeine while your fighting anxiety sooo yeah… hope I don’t sound like too much of a hypocrite either. 😉


I wanted to talk to you about a very important lesson I learned a long time ago. It was just one of those life lessons that makes a whole lot more sense years later.

When I was in my very early 20s, I moved to New York City, sharing a two bedroom apartment with my good friend, Dave.

I looked up to Dave. At the time he was only about 29 years old (still very young), but to me
he was like an older, wiser brother. He really took me under his wing those first couple of years living in the city.

Dave had been living in New York only a couple of years before I moved in and he helped me find my way around, introduce me to new friends and just keep me company while I got my bearings.

We were both single at the time and being in our 20s, bar hopping was a common night out.

I remember, I used to feel so self-conscious and shy meeting people. Conversely, Dave was always so outgoing and friendly – even with strangers.

I asked him one time how he was able to be so enthusiastic about everywhere we went and every situation we were in . I wanted to know his secret for enjoying life no matter where it took him. That’s when Dave passed me this little golden nugget.

He said…

“Jay, you’ve got to stop looking for the FUN in life. You’ll never have fun if you’re searching for it. The only way to live is to BE THE FUN wherever you go.

BE the person who brightens the room with a smile. BE the one who makes someone else laugh. BE the person who can enjoy ANY night out.”

I looked at Dave like he was a nutjob – ha.

Then, as time went on I realized what he was trying to say. We all have the control to decide how we can react to ANY situation in life.

You may be at a dinner, you may be at a bar, in a meeting, on a date – the circumstances don’t really matter.

In any situation, you can’t always control what’s happening around you. But you CAN control how you react to the situation and how you feel about yourself. Use that control to your advantage.

If you CHOOSE to be the fun and enjoy any situation in your head, then that will be the reality of your circumstance. BE fun. BE confident. Decide to be what you want to be and forget about everything else.

It’s ultimately YOUR life {!firstname_fix}. Choose your emotions and feel what you WANT to feel.

Feel good. Feel Proud. Feel Happy. Don’t just have fun…

BE the fun!

Hope this tip wasn’t too “out there” for ya.

P.S. Want to a faster way to be the fun? Here’s how you can finally get into your comfort zone socially.



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