How to Decode the Body Language of Shy Men

by Jason

body language of shy men

Would you like to understand the body language of shy men?

Recognize that shy men may have more trouble making eye contact than outgoing people.

Looking down more often at the floor is common.

Another component of the body language of shy men is related to this. Perhaps a shy man will make eye contact intermittently. For example, he may make eye contact briefly, then look away for moment when trying to think of the next thing to say.

The common tendency of the person he is talking to is to also look away in the same direction, as if trying to figure out what he is looking at!

He is not looking at anything! It may simply be harder for the shy man to gather his thoughts quickly, and he may look away in order to concentrate on what he is going to say next. Your best course of action is to maintain a very steady eye contact, and don’t be distracted if he looks away for a moment.

This is a common experience in the TV courtroom of Judge Judy. She will frequently say to a plaintiff, “Don’t look over there, look at me!” The reason she does this is that she wants to look into the eyes of someone to determine if he is being honest.

But you are not in a courtroom. You are having a hopefully pleasant conversation with someone. So you should not get distracted if a shy guy you’re talking to does not make constant eye contact, at least not at first.

You simply need to know how to decode body language of shy men.

The simple fact is, that you have to overcome some shyness yourself in order to talk to the shy guy. This is because shyness is “catching.” What this means is that being around a shy person can sometimes make you feel a little shy yourself, just as being around an angry person can make you feel upset or being around a depressed person can make you feel depressed.

The answer is to try to be the fun in a situation and not look for it in others.

Also, be sure to remember the other person’s name! It is easy to forget someone’s name after only one conversation, but it definitely helps express interest in another person if you can address him by name the next time you see him.

We all feel shyness at times, so it is good for all of us to examine ourselves and to work at overcoming our own shyness as well.


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