How To Overcome Anxiety and Speech Disorder and Communicate with Confidence

by Jason

anxiety and speech disorder

Anxiety is in many ways an overwhelming problem that affects your senses, body and thoughts.

That is why it comes as a little surprise to people suffering from anxiety and speech disorder that it can negatively affect their speech patterns. Anxiety is quite apparent in the voice and that is why at times, people can tell when you are nervous.

Here, we’ll look at some ways in which anxiety disorder affects the speech patterns and how you can overcome it.

The Symptoms of Anxiety and Speech Disorder

Anxiety causes both mental and physical issues that can have negative impact on your speech. These include:


Individuals with social phobia tend to have a hard time when speaking in public.

This form of quietness can make the way you speak and your entire voice differ greatly with others and it is indeed very common.

Unfortunately, this attribute immediately conveys a sense of low self-esteem and lack of conviction or confidence for the topic at hand.

Don’t panic, this is a very repairable symptom of anxiety and speech disorder. Follow the tips on this site to see how you can overcome a quiet voice step by step.


Shaky voice is perhaps the most common and well-known speech problem. When taking individuals feel like the voice boxes are shaking together with the rest of their bodies and this is actually the case.

That can make the voice box sound as if it is vibrating or cracking, both of which are nervous signs.

Stressed Businessman Loosening His TieLOSS OF VOICE / DRY THROAT:

Some individuals find that their throats seem to be dried up by anxiety or feel as if they are losing their voice.

The exact cause for this problem is remains unclear but medical experts suggest that it could be as a result of acid refluxes caused by anxiety disorder that tend to cause loss of voice or sore throat.


Although stuttering is kind of disorder in a way, it can be worsened by anxiety.

However people who tend to over think their own words and choice of sentences often end up stuttering many times and this can create a feeling of embarrassment.

Overcoming Anxiety and Speech Control

Here are a few good ways and things you can do to overcome Speech Anxiety Disorder and be in a position to speak like a champion:

Panel of business people sitting at table in meeting room conducSTART STRONG:

People with this disorder tend to speak quietly at the beginning hopping that they will easily talk later.

That seldom works. Ideally, it is important to start speaking confidently and loudly if you are just faking it, immediately you enter a room.

This way you will not end up muttering easily or as often.


Some people argue that looking straight at the foreheads of others might lead to further anxiety.

This should not be the case as looking at their foreheads gives you the courage and confidence to notice their gestures and eye contact.

The fact is, you’ll have to test out for yourself where to place your focus in order to improve your anxiety and speech. There is some trial and error involved. However, it is still an advantage to recognize this variable as a way to improve your outcome.

Woman With Water BottleDRINK WATER:

Keeping your throat clear and hydrated will help in reducing unwanted sound that may be affecting your voice box.

Water is not necessarily an anxiety cure, but it will protect you from further stress that causes anxiousness.

Remember to consult a professional voice and anxiety medical specialists for more credible information on how overcome the condition. It will be easier and cheaper to enjoy such medical services especially if you have enrolled in the ehic program for quality affordable healthcare.


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