Nervous Sweating? You Have Some Options…

by Jason

Nervous Sweating? End the Anxiety…

Attending an interview or going on a first date would give even the most confident person some level of that butterflies in the stomach sensation. Experiencing clammy hands, a nervous sweating forehead or bodily sweat through that freshly ironed top have proven to you over time this is a long term health condition.

Treatments such as medication, home remedies or researching independently and taking on broad new coping strategies can help you improve your interactions with other people.

You suffer with nervous sweating and have now realized you are far from alone with this issue in your life. The face is, your excessive sweating is exacerbated by feeling nervous in a variety of situations.

Our life experiences and basic genetics effect our reactions. To understand why you suffer with nervous sweating I want to introduce you to a common problem called social anxiety. By looking at social anxiety issues in your life you can get rid of nervous sweating, for good!

So What is Social Anxiety?

This may be a term you have not come across before and discovering it will be a bit of a breakthrough. At last you can see that nervous sweating is not purely a physical issue but a symptom.

Social anxiety effects how you feel and how you act. It is regarded as the most common anxiety disorder. It can cause a variety of troublesome physical reactions including nervous sweating.

Simply ask yourself the following questions and see if it applies to you. Many people with social anxiety feel that there is something wrong with them but do not recognize it as a solvable problem, just feeling that it is the way they are.

• If you were going into a room full of strangers would you suffer with nervous sweating?
• Going on a date, do you find yourself feeling anxious and have a tendency to sweat?
• Are you anxious, uncomfortable or frightened about interacting with other people around you including expressing feelings?
• Attending the hospital for an appointment, are you nervous about seeing a physician and find yourself suffering social anxiety symptoms?
• Do you worry about being judged or criticized by other people?
• Being frightened of embarrassing yourself in front of other people, is this you?

Did you answer yes to any of the questions above, if so your problem with nervous sweating is deeper then maybe you first realized. That’s because it’s actually a symptoms of a larger issue – social anxiety. This can be helped by addressing these social anxiety issues to reduce your annoying symptom which is having a massive impact on your life.

Social Anxiety And You

Some people with social anxiety find entering a crowded room or even ordering food in a restaurant extremely difficult. Other sufferers of social anxiety are more confident with strangers and find that meeting people a second or third time extremely frightening and clouded with worry. Your social anxiety symptoms may change over time, dealing with social anxiety by avoiding these situations now can make you feel short term relief, longer term your anxiety levels will stay heightened or even increase as you do not face your fears.

If you have even a low degree of these feelings you could be suffering from the causes of social anxiety which will be increasing your likelihood to suffer nervous sweating.

Nervous Disposition

Nervous sweating is not your fault, often people are pre disposed to suffer with feeling extreme nerves or worry before or during a situation. Nervous sweating can sometimes be seen in other family members and as a symptom for social anxiety there can be a genetic factor. Many people talk about family members feeling or reacting in a similar way to themselves. You may not feel you can talk to your family about these issues but have seen you connect on similar symptoms such as nervous sweating.

Step By Step Solutions to Nervous Sweating

There are specific step by step exercises which will help you overcome social anxiety and shyness social settings, I can help you and together we can beat nervous sweating. So what can you do to start dealing with your nervous sweating problem? Note down everything you are experiencing. Go and get a piece of paper and pen now.

• Make a list of all the feelings that trouble you i.e. Do you feel worried by particular situations or upcoming events?
• Note down your physical symptoms you suffer with, obviously nervous sweating is a key issue, are there particular times you are troubled by this and have you any other symptoms i.e. blushing or feeling tearful?
• Write down how long you have been suffering for? Create a brief time line by writing down key events in the last month where you have felt nervous and suffered excessive sweating.
• Add a number next to each thing your write down and on a scale of one to ten how anxious or nervous you felt, ten being the most anxious.

Frequently people describe the social anxiety symptoms starting when they were a teenager, is this you? Doing this activity will provide you with a snapshot of yourself in relation to social anxiety. Highlight times where you typically suffer with nervous sweating on any scale. By noting down where and when you suffer nervous sweating you can begin to see if there is a pattern in your day to day life.

Solve Your Problem

Typically social anxiety is diagnosed if you have a repeated fear of social situations where you feel you are analyzed or act in a way that is embarrassing. These situations cause you a great deal of anxiety. Just like social anxiety you see that your nervous sweating is worse when attending an interview, going on a date, speaking to strangers etc and you avoid these anxiety producing situations to reduce your episodes of nervous sweating.

Nervous sweating as a symptom of anxiety or fear plagues your daily life. Often social anxiety is linked with another disorder which may be affecting your life including substance abuse or depression among others. Substance abuse does not necessarily mean drugs or alchol, some people abuse food by over eating on a regular basis as a way of controlling the symptom of nervous sweating. Addressing the problem of social anxiety in your life can focus on the issue of nervous sweating without you even realizing!

Discover how to treat social anxiety and sign up for my free social anxiety fix videos. By addressing social anxiety problems the result is, less or NO sweating!

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