Overwhelming Anxiety and Your Silver Lining

by Jason

Your Silver Lining to Overwhelming Anxiety

It’s been raining all week where I live and it’s been completely fitting to my current mood and outlook.

Yes, I’ve been in a mental slump. Just like you, it happens to me too from time to time. This site was never meant to be some holier than thou resource about how I’ve conquered social anxiety and will never look back.

Quite the contrary.

Navigating through your overwhelming anxiety is a journey and as you weave your way up, down, through and over life’s obstacles (both mental and physical) you’re going to have some setbacks.

That’s because nothing in life either internal or external stays the same. Change is the only constant.

Accepting Change As the Only Constant

Your circumstances change, you get older, you lose, you gain, you succeed and you fail in this long marathon called life.

No one has a vertical climb to their social enlightenment because it’s the setbacks that teach us who we are.

My recent setback is one that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for the better part of this year and it’s been all too consuming. What’s even more ridiculous is that this is a setback that’s been completely manifested by my own mind – it’s NOT real!

33 for some reason has been a strange age for me to accept.

Although my life is an incredible blessing and a very happy ending to anyone who sees it from the outside, I struggle to accept the realities of my day to day as an adult verses looking towards this point (from a future stance) with potential and possibility.

That view of what’s to come is now pushed forward to “When I’m 40, my goals will be…”.

It’s that shift of perspective from a future that has already arrived to a new one yet to come that has brought a spike in my anxiety. The feeling is an irrational one because the truth is, my present life is amazing in every way.

However, the mere fact of time come to pass and the loss of a younger me with potential for different outcomes of today weighs heavily. It’s that loss of the past and fear of what’s next (the future) that has recently gripped my emotions.

I guess that’s why they’re called emotions (e-MOTIONs). Our minds are moved by these feelings and easily become carried away by the triumph and defeat of our own perceptions.

Focusing On The Bigger Picture

One thing that’s helped me quite a bit from time to time is to focus on this…

When your problems become so overwhelming that you feel unable to cope, shift your perspective to a reality much greater than yourself and realize that we’re all such a small spec in the grand design of our creation.

Money, love, fear, anger, happiness, loss and every emotion in between are just creations of our own, given power by the meaning we associate with them. So take comfort knowing that the weight of the world you carry on your shoulders is really just a bag of bricks that you can put down at any time.

Keeping Hope On Your Horizon

As I headed out to work this morning and turned off my street onto the main road, I caught a glimpse of a silver lining beyond an ominously gloomy cloud.

The rain of this week is soon coming to an end and beyond that forecast will be an ease into Summer’s warmth.

It’s natural for your mind to transition much like the forecast. To expect every single day to be a beautiful sunny one is a noble outlook – but it will also increase your heartbreak when perception takes a negative turn.

If you find yourself caught in this predicament, always keep your focus towards that silver lining beyond your rain clouds. It’s there and the more you focus on it, the faster those clouds will pass.

I’ve found a lot of solace in calming programs over the years to help transition my state of irrational thoughts. One of my most recent favorites is The Auto Calm System.

It’s basically an audio system that teaches you how to respond to your anxiety and stress differently, interrupting that immediate fight or flight response.

Because my own anxiety represents itself as an inner monologue of negativity, it seemed appropriate to counter balance these throughts with an outer monologue of positivity. The Auto Calm System does just that. It’s definitely worth a look if this experience sounds like your own.



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