Beta Blockers For Shyness

December 15, 2013
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Beta blockers can provide some benefits in lessening the distressing physical symptoms of social anxiety, such as pounding heart, shaking, sweaty palms, etc. It is possible that medication can even reduce some of the negative thoughts felt by anxiety sufferers, although this is not guaranteed. In some people, medication can ease depression as well as […]

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How to Have Confidence Overcoming Shyness With Girls

December 14, 2013
overcoming shyness with girls

For guys, being shy can be a MAJOR roadblock to romance. After all, it’s YOUR job to make the first move, right? It’s your job to charm a girl into giving you her phone number or working up the courage to ask her our on that very first, anxiety inducing, date, right? Wouldn’t it be […]

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4 Powerful Tips to Overcome Shyness and Build Self-Esteem

December 13, 2013
shyness and low self-esteem

Shyness and self-esteem go hand in hand. Bottom line – when your self-esteem is HIGH, you are more confident in social situations, take more risks and experience more rewarding results. Self-esteem conveys a sense of happiness to others and in turn, people are drawn to you. They want whatever it is that is giving you […]

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Is Shyness Confused With Arrogance?

December 13, 2013
is shyness confused with arrogance

The late author Isaac Bashevis Singer once wrote, “I don’t think that people should get over being shy. It is a blessing in disguise. The shy person is the opposite of the aggressive person. Shy people are rarely the great sinners. They allow society to remain in peace.” But is shyness confused with arrogance? Sometimes. […]

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Steps to Overcome Shyness

December 13, 2013
steps to overcome shyness

Shyness can be a very serious problem. It can keep you from making friends, finding a mate, or even getting and holding onto a good job. Fortunately, there are some definite steps that you can take to overcome shyness that will help to alleviate the problem. One of the most important steps to over come […]

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5 Ways to Stop Being Shy – Taking Baby Steps!

December 12, 2013
stop being shy

Shyness can be a debilitating problem that keeps you from making friends, going on dates, and even getting a good job. But, you don’t have to let it control you forever. There really is a systematic way about increasing your overall confidence. Let’s take baby steps, though. Here are five ways to beat shyness once […]

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Drinking and Social Anxiety

August 8, 2013
drinking and social anxiety

Drinking and social anxiety have a long history together. About 1 in 5 people who have social anxiety will have experienced a problem with their drinking at some point. At least that’s what the research tells us. That doesn’t mean that they are “alcoholics”, just that they likely drink more than is good for them […]

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SAF Podcast #1: Dissolve Social Anxiety with David Hamilton

August 4, 2013

In this interview, David goes into detail on his early encounters with social anxiety and the path which ultimately led him to recovery.

David illustrates some excellent, real-life techniques that you can implement immediately to start making strides in your own situation.

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Keeping Up With the Jones’ – Money Anxiety Strategies

July 20, 2013
stressed about money

I went out the other night with two of my closest friends for what has become a semi-annual, traditional getogether. All three of us have started our own families in the last few years and the pace of work and life keeps us away from eachother most of the time. Although I only see them […]

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