Setting Goals for Interpersonal Success

by Jason

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It’s been said that success is when opportunity meets preparation. I kind of love that.

So many people have the perspective that life is completely randomized by the people and challenges that pop up around us every day. This mindset is one in which we have no control over all the crazy circumstances we must overcome.

It’s a mind that’s driven by the fear of uncertainty in life.

Although, there’s some truth to that uncertainty, we DO have the ability to choose our direction going forward. Additionally, we always have the choice to respond to these “crazy” circumstances in a way that’s positive and allows us to grow.

When you’re actively trying to transform your shyness or low self-esteem, it’s important to recognize the homework that has to be done beforehand.

This is your preparation. It’s how you’ll stack the deck in your favor for the best odds of social success. Don’t live in fear. Take action by engaging in positive activities now.


The real labor of becoming more confident happens not outside yourself in the presence of others but in developing your own thought process to lead you to positive conclusions in every scenario.

When you become your biggest ally, mentally, there’s no external force that can weigh you down and hold back your greatest possible impression on others.

It’s this constant development of self-image where your biggest leaps in social confidence will take flight. But, thinking highly of yourself and having a feel-good attitude requires more than just wishy washy, pie in the sky dreaming. It requires real, tangible goal setting.

And, this goal setting is not limited merely to the outcome of your work. It should exist in the progress of your practice as well. That means outlining an action plan for you to abide by and setting a goal to consistently engage yourself in positive development every single day (oftentimes throughout the day).


It’s about more than just taking part in self-esteem building exercises. Set a schedule to allocate your time efficiently throughout the entire process. Get specific. Create detailed goals.

For example, set a goal to listen to positive affirmations every single morning for 30 minutes straight – for 30 consecutive days.

I promise you’ll be a different person by the end of those 30 days if you create this one simple habit.

Don’t stop there though.

Set a goal to meditate for 20 minutes, every day before bedtime or when you wake up in the morning (whichever is more realistic for you).

Again, give it a timeline. I recommend 30 day increments as it’s long enough to feel a genuine impact from your efforts. By the end of the 30 days, you’ll be sure to feel calmer, have more clarity of thought and have way less anxiety.

Keep raising the bar.

Set a goal to engage in at least one conversation every day with someone you are unfamiliar with. It could be as simple as exchanging the usual pleasantries of “Hello” or getting more in depth with cordial questions about their weekend.


When you write down a goal, you are immediately 10 times more likely to see it through. Take a moment to list out your confidence building goals on an index card, sheet of paper or on a post-it.

Ideally, you want these goals written in a place where you will see them as a constant reminder to strive for interpersonal success.

Remember, self-esteem won’t build on its own. You have to put in the effort and know that you’re worth it by taking action and claiming your stake in the world.

By consistently pushing yourself to love the skin you’re in, you’ll have measurable progress to reflect on and that in itself will push you forward towards a proud feeling of accomplishment. You’ll be less afraid to take chances socially and feel better equipped to put some skin in the game.

Get prepared for interpersonal success. Set your goals right now and develop a plan you can follow for a better, more confident you.

P.S. Here’s a shortcut to get you there.



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