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by Jason

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

Seeing your family physician is a typical first starting point for many sufferers, talking about your suffering can initially seem an overwhelming idea but social anxiety is a common problem within the world’s population. Your doctor may refer you to a mental health provider who can help make a better diagnosis. The doctor will talk with you and listen to your problems, they may give you a physical examination to see if there are any physical triggers for your feelings. For many people going to the doctor is an overwhelming and embarrassing feeling in itself and not necessarily the best starting point in a personal social anxiety test.

Reading this article about how to treat social anxiety is a way of seeing if you suffer with the problem in the first place, starting you on the journey to finding the real, happy, true YOU!

Medical Testing

There is no specific conclusive medical test for social anxiety disorder, medical professionals use a variety of questionnaires combined with a physical exam. One key test used is called the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale.
This is a questionnaire where your answers result in a score indicating the scale of social phobia. During therapy the questions may be asked each week to see if there is any improvement in the patient’s feelings. Often a number of questionnaires are filled in each time. In general though, if you feel frightened of attending social events or gatherings and in your own home feel safe and symptom free you are likely to be suffering with social anxiety.

Think about your family, do any relatives have similar feelings in your opinion. Social anxiety tendencies can often show in other members of the family as a genetic trait. Are the symptoms of social anxiety having a massive effect on your life with regard to work, dating and relationships with others?
Emotional Signs and Symptoms

With social anxiety sufferers often feel anxiety in nearly every social situation, for others anxiety is felt with specific social situations such as public speaking, taking an exam, going on a date or talking with strangers. As part of a brief personal social anxiety test ask yourself these questions;

• Do you feel like you often embarrass yourself when being with other people?
• Worrying is also an emotional sign, do you find yourself worrying on an intense scale for days or weeks as social situation approaches?
• Are you self conscious and feel extremely anxious in general day to day activities such as a trip to the shop, attending a business meeting or collecting children from Kindergarten?
• Do you find yourself crying easily or welling up with emotional feelings you find difficult to hold back on i.e. Crying whilst seeing a health professional, speaking to a manager or dealing with a confrontational situation?
• Have you ever thought about harming yourself?

If you are drawn to answer yes to any of the above questions it is an indicator that you show the emotional signs or symptoms of social anxiety. It is not wrong to admit you have feelings of such an extreme level, accepting and understanding these feelings will help you move on to a happier new you.

Behavioral Signs and Symptoms

The way you act in a situation might show as a behavioral sign of social anxiety. Do you find yourself avoiding social situations, after worrying about them whilst they approach… and then on the big day making an excuse not to attend? To continue the social anxiety test ask yourself these questions;

• Whilst at home, you run through the event in your mind and feel quite confident that this time, you can attend the party and try speaking to people. Then at the party you hide away in the background to escape being noticed?
• Some suffers of social anxiety use alcohol or substance abuse to cope with looming social situations to dull down the nervous feeling, is this you?
• Do you tend to bring a friend or family member with you everywhere to make you feel safer and more comfortable?
Are you feeling you see yourself in some of the social anxiety questions by answering yes or even maybe, you can overcome social anxiety. Part of the journey to moving past social anxiety in your life is by being honest with yourself and accepting your situation.

Physical Signs and Symptoms

The physical symptoms and causes of social anxiety are more obvious to spot. You might feel one or many of the typical symptoms, the combination you suffer although typical is personal to you. Do not worry, these responses are involuntary and at the moment feel beyond your control. As a social anxiety test do you recognize any of these typical symptoms?

• Do you get an upset stomach before a social situation?
• Find your heart beating faster or your chest tight?
• Excessive sweating can also be a sign of social anxiety
• Feeling faint as the nervous anxious feeling increases?
• Does your face go red in particular social situations?
• Have you any nervous habits like picking your lips, biting your skin around your fingers or nails? This is called Dermotillomania and can be another sign of social anxiety.
• Do you smoke, drink or use illegal substances as a way of coping with your feelings?

With social anxiety your reaction to a situation or event is with a higher than average anxiety level. You get lost in a cycle of avoiding situations and events to control the emotional and physical reactions. Longer term this makes it worse.
Create a timeline

To extend this social anxiety test make a note of everything significant in your life. It can be useful to stick a few pieces of paper together with tape and draw a long line down the middle across all the pages.

On one side write when and where you were born and at the far end of the line write where you are now and how old you are. Divide the pages into years and make note of any significant moments i.e., siblings being born, schools you attended, meeting various people, a first date, new job. A social anxiety test is complex and it is very likely that a culmination of factors made you feel the way you do now.

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