You Are Not Alone – Personal Stories Of Social Anxiety

Brianna Shares Her Struggle

Brianna’s story begins towards the end of 8th grade in school. She didn’t understand why her panic attacks began but she knew something was “off”. As her social circle discovered her insecurities, slowly she was ostracized and picked on; a common scenario for most social anxiety sufferers.

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Ali Sums It All Up In This Beautiful Video

Using a beautiful depiction of his story through “Draw My Life“, Ali shares his story of social anxiety to create awareness of this debilitating problem. Summed up quite simply, Ali states that “social anxiety sucks”. It’s not the most eloquent way to describe the problem but it sure does illustrate the frustration that most social anxiety sufferers feel.

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Zac Mason Is Braver Than He Will Ever Know

In this video, Zac recollects a time he had to run up to a movie counter to ask a question regarding a showtime. He was immediately immersed in the awkward stares of teenagers hanging around the lobby area. Zac is pretty candid here and I respect his honesty.

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Mark Opens Up About His Social Anxiety

In this video, Mark talks a bit about what it was like, growing up with social phobia. His anxiety started at 10 years old and it’s been a rocky road ever since. He moved around quite a bit when he was younger and the displacement further agitated his unrest. Things kind of took a turn for the worse from there.

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