Ali Sums It All Up In This Beautiful Video

Using a beautiful depiction of his story through “Draw My Life“, Ali shares his story of social anxiety to create awareness of this debilitating problem.

Summed up quite simply, Ali states that “social anxiety sucks”.

It’s not the most eloquent way to describe the problem but it sure does illustrate the frustration that most social anxiety sufferers feel.

Ali talks about how over time, he became more and more shy until finally he just shifted away from all his friends. To make matters worse, Ali moved do to a family situation beyond his control. He remembers, shortly after the transition, being bullied by a group of kids who exploited his social insecurity.

His teenage years are described as being the worst years of his life. He felt lonely and depressed, having no one to sit with during lunch. As difficult as it was being around other people, he hated being alone. It was a real push-pull of emotion.

Finally, Ali’s salvage came with his passion for drama class in the school. His natural talent and interest drew people to him and suddenly, girls, teachers and friends began being drawn to him like a magnet. The story continues from there in a fascinating tale, told beautifully through this incredible video.

I hope you enjoy Ali’s tale and find hope and inspiration in the clarity it brings. His experience resonates well with social anxiety sufferers and I’m sure you’ll find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In the end, he clarifies – it DOES get better. Keep faith, stay strong and know that you will feel good again.



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