Brianna Shares Her Struggle

Brianna’s story begins towards the end of 8th grade in school.

She didn’t understand why her panic attacks began but she knew something was “off”.

As her social circle discovered her insecurities, slowly she was ostracized and picked on; a common scenario for most social anxiety sufferers.

Thankfully, Brianna had the wherewithal to start therapy and deal with social anxiety in a positive way. It transitioned her to using medication as a crutch for her social anxiety but unfortunately this road led to a drug addiction. Shaking the pills became difficult and her dependency deepened as she worked through the emotions of social anxiety.

I turned out that YouTube vids became her savior. She was able empathize with others out there and this in turn became her own personal therapy. Sitting in front of a web cam, posting videos and hearing feedback from viewers like you, gave her the strength to carry on and offer hope to others. This video diary became a savior to her and others alike.

Brianna has learned quite a bit since her journey began. She learned that life isn’t perfect and it takes a lot of trial and error to find your “balance” mentally. She learned that this is a long time recovery and looking forward to the future will be your greatest ally to feeling better and more positive in general. There is a happy ending to social anxiety but it takes a lot of faith to get there. Thanks Brianna for your continued support and honesty with other social anxiety victims. Your courage provides inspiration to many and it’s VERY much appreciated!



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