Mark Opens Up About His Social Anxiety

In this video, Mark talks a bit about what it was like, growing up with social phobia.

His anxiety started at 10 years old and it’s been a rocky road ever since.

He moved around quite a bit when he was younger and the displacement further agitated his unrest.

Things kind of took a turn for the worse from there.

After being split into different groups (from his original friends) in high school, he ended up in a class where he was a bit of an outcast.

Mark didn’t make any new friends throughout school after that and it was a big shock for him to adjust to. His life at school was quite difficult.

He remembers lunch time at school being particularly lonely and isolating.

I get it Mark, I really do. Sometimes in life, you’ll have one thing set you back and from there on, fate seems to become a chain reaction of negativity. That is, of course, unless you have the wherewithal to interrupt that negativity and do something about it.

It sounds like you’re doing just that, Mark. You’re making videos like this one and addressing your social anxiety head on. You’re making an effort to overcome shyness with girls and become more assertive in general. I really commend you, brother.

Thanks for opening up Mark and sharing you bad experience. I’m glad you’ve decided to turn a new leaf and face you social anxiety head on. I know that with determination and persistence, you’ll make great inroads to improving your social life for the better.



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