Pinpointing the Causes Of Social Anxiety

The causes of social anxiety are specific to each person although often there are some links between situations that have caused the fear, apprehension or nervousness that is shared. One typical example is school bullying.

There are a large proportion of adults who consider that they were bullied at school.

The impact of bullying, dependent on the age suffered, can show as a vast array of social anxiety disorder symptoms when that child gets older. They include stuttering, shaking, your heart beating fast, adrenaline pumping through your veins, sweating and the list goes on and on.

There are many more symptoms that can present themselves from the deeply buried reaction to past events. Personally speaking, I was a shy child, the level of my social anxiety simply grew over time until the way I lived felt normal for me.

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Situations We Fear

High levels of anxiety may come from leaving the house, answering the telephone, looking out of the window, travelling to the shop through to eating or drinking in public. Do not feel embarrassed by what causes you heightened levels of anxiety.

You are not alone.

It is important to remember that anxiety is a natural reaction to any threat. This comes from our past where humans lived in a dangerous world and needed to be able to react quickly to danger. This is commonly referred to as the fight or flight response.

The surge of adrenaline in a threatening or frightening situation feeds the muscles to respond quickly, can cause clammy skin and blushing among other symptoms. Imagine a caveman is out hunting for his dinner and he comes across a lion, what does he do in order to survive… run! The reaction you have to hide away from situations is a natural inherent response.

High Levels of Anxiety

I do believe that some people are more prone to suffer the symptoms of social anxiety. I am a generally anxious person. The causes of social anxiety may come about from a combination of the world around us and our basic genetics. There are some scholars who believe it can run in families but this has not been proven.

Often people suffering with social anxiety do not tend to see the others around them in an analytical way. With social anxiety you suffer from distorted thoughts and do not always see situations or people the way they truly are. You are not alone and by reading this you are taking the first steps to self healing and recognizing the causes of social anxiety in yourself.

The Brain Invents Causes Of Social Anxiety

There is evidence that that structure of the brain can play a role in your tendency to have social anxiety. There is an area of the brain that deals with fear and it can be over reactive in certain individuals. I mentioned earlier about prehistoric man and fear being a way of keeping safe in difficult situations.

A heightened fear response can cause increased symptoms when dealing with social anxiety. This does not mean that your brain is abnormal, as I have mentioned before the number of people surrounding you suffering with some level of social anxiety is astounding.

The causes of social anxiety may be different for each person and the symptoms may differ but the tendancy to have the heightened fear element in the brain is a connecting factor.

I know lots of people whom if you met would impress you with their confident persona yet put them in front of even a small group of people to give a presentation to and they would melt like butter. With my methods these types of people have made significant improvement to get rid of social anxiety longterm.

Negative Life Experiences Contribute to Causes of Social Anxiety

This one for me is very important. I have analyzed a lot of my early life and linked it to thinking errors I have. All the experiences from my childhood amount to my core belief being that I am not good enough.

When I was trying to figure out how to get over social anxiety, if I walked down a narrow street and someone else was coming towards me, I instantly moved out of the way. I felt they had more right and I would walk on the road or grass.

Going to the doctors and my instant reaction to cry on entering the room even if I was asking for something simple related to my core belief of not being good enough.

I am good enough and you are good enough too. Realizing this is an important point in your journey to discover the causes of social anxiety.

It Is Your Life

You are an incredible, amazing, valuable human being and you are as good as everybody else. Your experiences that have shaped you to get where you are now and be who you are have made you.

Accepting you are ‘good enough’ is an important step. Recognizing that what you do, what you wear and how you are is ‘good enough’ is vital. No one is better then you.

Take a moment to brainstorm all of your positive qualities, focus on what makes you brilliant. Either write a list, or draw a circle on a piece of paper. Write your name in the middle of the circle, draw lines as a spider diagram out from you and at the end of each line write a positive word.

This may be an extremely difficult idea to implement.

Put the piece of paper somewhere safe and add to it as you think of another positive word. Positive words include ones such as warm, approachable, good sense of humor, helpful, kind, generous and thoughtful. Add to it over time as you discover the amazing you. The causes of social anxiety pull you down, it is time to lift yourself up.

My free video series is available on how to treat social anxiety once and for all with a straightforward, yet effective method that took me eleven years to create.

I’ll go over numerous techniques for overcoming social anxiety including cbt for social anxiety, step by step exercises, strategies for changing your mindset and more. Just fill in your name and email below and I’ll send you the first video immediately, take care.

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