Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Social Anxiety

I have told you that cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety can be an effective way to discover the causes and make a change in your life but it is not the only way, cognitive behavior therapy techniques can be terrifying to put into action. It is not a complete solution because ultimately you need to coordinate your own mindset with the theory in practice.

Sometimes theory does not work as well in practice. If for example I suggested writing situations that cause you distress down in your notebook you would possibly find you were writing more than living.

Instead think about your hot thoughts.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Options for Social Anxiety:

General Topics: Hot Thoughts Write It Down Avoidance
Specific Uses: Your Anxiety Gauge Looking Back Target the Emotion
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Hot Thoughts

So what are hot thoughts, they are the key thought in any outburst of thinking when you are anxious about a given situation. Isolating the hot thought is the key to dealing with the thought and ultimately restructuring it into a positive thought or letting it go, whichever is appropriate. To apply cognitive behaviour therapy for social anxiety in practice is difficult. There are various simple starting strategies you can use to rid yourself of the causes of social anxiety, here are some examples.

Write It Down

Keeping a small notebook or journal, keeping daily notes of anxiety triggers is a positive step in overcoming your anxiety. This is applying cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety actively in your real life. Make it real, write down events that occur which trigger your social anxiety disorder symptoms or that you simply find difficult allows you to analyze your own thinking patterns and find possible thinking errors.

Remember, this is not your fault and nothing you are doing wrong. Social anxiety is something that develops over a number of years and is caused by a variety of external factors. Many are beyond your control. Writing situations and thoughts down allows you to analyze them and start taking the small steps needed for dealing with social anxiety.

Anytime You Avoid Something Make Note

Every time you avoid a situation, whether it be a place, person or event write it down. Also write down any thoughts on what made you avoid the situation.

For example, whilst I was at the height of my social anxiety an amazing job opportunity came up. It was an incredible opportunity and I knew I could be a success. However, I knew that as I wanted it so much I would explode into tears at the interview so there was no point me even applying.

Using cognitive behaviour therapy for social anxiety in the real world allowed me to write down the situation in key points and turn it over like I was analysing someone elses situation. It helped me to try and see the situation from an external perspective, being my own best friend and applying what I thought would be the negative automatic thoughts. Facing the situation would be terrifying and smaller steps were needed then a therapist could help with. I devised my own plan of attack to overcome the tears.

Use Your Own Anxiety Gauge

As you write down events in your notebook or journal try and measure them based on how anxious they make you feel. Use the numbers one to ten to rank the level of anxiety the situation causes. One being the lowest level, ten being the highest. When you do this you will start to see even more clearly what are your hot thoughts, what causes you most distress. Therefore learning how to apply your own cbt for social anxiety. You are beginning to take control of the situation.

What Made You Feel Uncomfortable

Make note of what makes you feel uncomfortable at different times is also important to write down. For example, being served by the unfriendly cashier left me with feelings of discomfort which I targeted. I felt she was judging the way I was dressed, my posture and the items I purchased.

Whatever detail in a situation that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, make note of it. It is important in your steps to using cognitive therapy for social anxiety in your real life. What makes you feel uncomfortable is perfectly normal and acceptable and it does not need to be the same aspect that makes someone else feel uncomfortable in the same situation.

Target The Emotion In One Word If Possible

Try to focus on one word that comes into your mind from a recent experience, maybe look through your notes if you have started your notebook or journal. It is important to understand your feelings and target words.

During the time that my social anxiety was at its highest point this was a near impossible task until I came up with the idea of single word focussing. I had an argument which caused me a huge set back with my treatment. After discovering through analysing my thoughts and reactions that I simply did not feel good enough, focussing on the single feeling words was paramount.

The argument had been with an old work colleague and had left my core belief raw, when walking past his house I would look to see if he was in. Driving home I would check to see if he was in. It took over my life for a while.

When learning to start mental sentences with ‘I feel’ I was able to delve deeper into what caused me to be upset, rationalize it and come to terms with what had happened allowing me to believe I am good enough. It’s a great way to further your progress with cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety.

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