Dealing With Social Anxiety – 5 Tactics

If you have been dealing with social anxiety for any length of time, you know how grading it can be. Day after day, you’re bombarded with situations that involve social engagement and that can lead to an awful amount of panic on your end.

Fear not! While social anxiety can be quite crippling in what many consider seemingly ordinary situations, it can also be relieved considerably. And you don’t always need long, drawn out processes like cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety.

Coping techniques help you get through the moment and ease the anxiety into a practiced formula. They are strategies that work on a trigger/response basis. You encounter the specific anxiety inducing situation and you immediately employ the coping mechanism to get through it.

Navigating Your Strategies in Dealing With Social Anxiety:

General Topics: Coping Strategies Video Tutorial Free Video Series
Specific Uses: Rehearsals Relaxation Keeping Focus
Thought Recognition Avoid Labeling

Here, I’ll be showing you my 5 Favorite Coping Techniques for dealing with social anxiety. Bear in mind though that these are just tips on how to get through the social anxiety. They are by no means a cure to the root of the problem. They are ways to plow ahead through the social anxiety and continue on with your day unscathed.

5 Techniques for Dealing With Social Anxiety

1. Rehearsals – For situations involving small talk, practice a set of go to questions when things get awkward. Some safe question topics are things like:

– How was your weekend?
– How about this weather?
– How’s your day going?
– Busy week?
– Did you hear about (news story)?

If current events are a comfortable space for you, watch the news or read the latest news articles.

The news is a relatively safe topic because you’re simply reporting on something relative. It’s also more interesting than talking about the weather. Keep stories simple and matter of fact.

2. Start Your Day with Relaxation – You’ll want to integrate stress relieving tips into your life and implement them throughout the day. Simple things like drinking decaffeinated tea instead of coffee can really impact your overall social anxiety sensitivity level.

Deep breathing exercises are something you’ll want to become intimately familiar with – particularly right before a socially stressful event.

Simply inhale slowly through your nose for a slow count of three seconds and exhale out your mouth pushing your stomach outward as you breath for another three seconds.
This has the effect of regulating your breathing and counterbalancing the physical social anxiety disorder symptoms.

Getting plenty of sleep is also very important for an overall calmer demeanor. This has been proven in numerous studies where sleep deprivation is linked directly with anxiety and depression. It will take some discipline at first but make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep ever night for maximum relaxation results.

3. Keep a Point of Focus in Your Day – Have a specific thing, event or goal to focus on for the day. This will help with letting go of things that bother you when you’re in the moment.

Ever kick yourself over something you said in a conversation or in passing? Maybe you beat youself up pretty badly over situations that are realistically not worth dwelling on.

By having a focal point or goal for the day, you can distract your negative thought process by switching to that goal and moving on from your perceived social faux pax.

This clever way of dealing with social anxiety will help you move on and stop getting stuck in a socially embarrassing rut. You’ll be able to carry on with your day and return to a more productive mindset.

4. Recognize Your “What If” Thoughts – It’s common to think about worst case scenarios when you’re about to engage in a social situation. Those thoughts almost always lead to a worst case scenario in your mind.

Start to take note of how often your mind turns to this kind of “what if” thinking and make an effort to disregard it or think of something else. It’s an easy way to get rid of social anxiety when it arises in your head.

In dealing with social anxiety, avoidance can be short term solution until you’ve built up the social skillset to tackle the problem systematically. That said, avoiding this “what if” thinking is one way to bypass a negative side effect of social phobia.

Take this kind of thought process out of your day by making a habit of identifying the negative worry and labeling it as just that. Once you recognize your thoughts like this, you start the process of mastering your mindset. It’s just an introduction into a much larger topic of consecutive thought control (something I go into in other articles and videos).

Bottom line, when you break the pattern of this kind of misguided behavior, you’ll start feeling more positive about the future in general. Give it a shot.

5. Throw Labeling Out the Window – How often have you been guilty of labeling yourself as something other than wonderful and amazing? I know, when my social anxiety was at it’s high point, I would constantly beat myself up with internal name calling. I’d tell myself I was a loser, had no friends, was uninteresting and that I was just completely weird.

You know what? You are what you perceive yourself to be. That’s just a simple way of saying, if you see it, you’ll be it. The ironic thing is that you have the power to change this at any time.

If you’ve been knowingly or unknowingly sabotaging your self-esteem by giving yourself a bad dose of name calling, then nip this problem in the bud by listing out some positive labels to associate yourself with.

Need help finding Other Methods for Dealing With Social Anxiety?

When dealing with social anxiety, surround your thoughts with the idea that you’re lovable, a kind person and have a tremendous heart. Reinforce this integrity by making bold, powerful statements. Tell yourself that you will accomplish everything you dream for the future – and work hard every day to truly believe it.

This will subconsciously empower you to make the best impression on everyone you interact with and that will ultimately build the backbone of your confidence. It’s an empowering strategy on how to get over social anxiety.

The Next Step in Dealing with Social Anxiety

Consistent action leads to improved results. I’ve seen this proven again and again with the tons of social anxiety sufferers I speak with every day. You have to stick with a plan to see real improvement and set a timeline that helps you achieve tangible goals.

Be sure to sign up below for my free video series on dealing with social anxiety so that you can finally be rid of this debilitating mental road block once and for all. You’ll discover the causes of social anxiety and techniques like cbt for social anxiety, actionable strategies and step by step exercises. I’ll send the first video immediately to your inbox, so you can get started on a step by step action plan right way.

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