Get Rid Of Social Anxiety – Finally!

The pattern for sufferers of social anxiety is when a situation triggers anxiety you suffer certain physical social anxiety disorder symptoms causing anxious thoughts. The feeling to avoid the situation and escape quickly occurs but by doing this you only feel better in the short term. You then see that situation as a threat and the avoidance cycle continues. But you can break this cycle and get rid of social anxiety with specific actions.

Taking Action to Get Rid of Social Anxiety:

General Topics: Confront Your Fears Video Tutorial Free Video Series
Specific Uses: Break It Down Threat to No Threat Face Your Fears
Elevate Your Mood Move Yourself Forward

Confront Your Fears

By confronting your fears the cycle becomes an effective way to get rid of social anxiety. A situation that caused me high levels of anxiety was being in the lift at work surrounded by other people. I would often take several flights of stairs to avoid this situation altogether.

I would sweat and shake as my anxiety took over, my mind was a whir of anxious thoughts until the day I took charge of the situation. I made sure that I was prepared for the day, perfect clothes, freshly shaved. Time to face the fear. I felt anxious in the short term but I learned by repeating my trip in the lift that I can cope. Making this engagement part of my daily routine wore down the anxiety it induced until ultimately I broke the cycle to get rid of Social Anxiety.

Break It Down

To face my fears I knew that I needed to break the task down into small chunks, to practice each step over and again trying to ignore the anxiety that occurs until I could do it without anxiety.

Only then could I move onto the next stage and repeat. With the lift that meant initially using the lift to go up one floor before challenging myself for taking two floors. You can get rid of social anxiety but be kind to yourself. It has taken many years to get to where you are now in terms of reactions, thoughts and symptoms. Small steps are massive achievements.

Threat To No Threat

Remember that anxiety reduces with each attempt until it stops being triggered by a particular situation or trigger. The first time you face a situation you find threatening your anxiety levels will be extremely high but you can get over social anxiety. As time passes and you continue to face the situation your anxiety levels reduce. This is not a quick fix solution. If a person you knew had a fear of spiders you would not expect them to be instantly cured by being physically forced to hold one, in reality they might actually feel higher levels of fear but over time this anxiety would reduce.

Face Your Fears to Get Rid of Social Anxiety

Remember you can get rid of social anxiety but you must face the things that make you want to escape. Firstly do not avoid the causes of social anxiety, it is not helpful and will only make you feel better in the short term and worse in the longer term. Secondly break down the task into small steps, to get rid of Social Anxiety you need to repeatedly do the task until it is quite easy – face the situation. Do it as often as you can and for as long as possible. Anxiety levels reduce considerably after about thirty minutes of exposure (either continuous or in small doses).

This is one of the cornerstones of cbt for social anxiety. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety is the practice of exposing yourself to the anxiety triggers in order to dull your sensitivity to the situations at hand.

Elevate Your Mood and Decrease Worry

The less you do, the worse you feel. The worse you feel, the less you do. If you are active you can elevate your mood and reduce your worry levels. I thought about lots of enjoyable activities and interests and began to include these in my day to day life.

Activity helps mood and worry, do a little bit at a time and often. You can do more than you think once you get started you can enjoy yourself. Challenge any unhelpful thoughts that you experience in various situations. Your interpretation may not always be 100% true. You have learned that thinking can be distorted in low mood and low self esteem, by realizing this you can take control and know how to get over social anxiety – finally.

Moving Yourself Forward

There are a number of helpful strategies to remember to get rid of social anxiety. Make sure you take up the activity you have promised yourself to commit to. Do not avoid things. You have seen that this will lead you to reaffirming this unhelpful thought or belief. Talk to people – family and friends will be more than happy to offer support. Make plans for the future, what would you like your life to be like after you get rid of social anxiety. Look for alternative thoughts in situations, especially social situations. Continue to observe and learn from others.

What If Social Anxiety Begins To Return

To get rid of social anxiety, ask yourself “am I avoiding things”? Am I doing less then I should be? If the answer is yes then change this, get active and begin to face anxiety. Check your mood and anxiety again in two weeks after facing the situation, if there has been some improvement then carry on with facing the anxiety.

Remember this takes time. Remember to talk to family and friends, ask for their support while dealing with social anxiety. Try not to avoid speaking your mind as this will prolong the problem. This kind of confrontation of your fears is one of the .

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