Looking for a Social Anxiety Group to Join?

As one route for therapy, you could join a social anxiety group; group therapy can be an important part of treatment for some people suffering with social anxiety or shyness. A social anxiety group is a safe place to build confidence and try an establish friendships with people who have an understanding of where you are in your personal journey.

They show you that you are not alone. A social anxiety group can be an effective starting point for becoming more aware.

How to Treat Social Anxiety – Like a Pro:

General Topics: Social Skills Practice Video Tutorial Free Video Series
Specific Uses: Feeling Part of Something Sense Of Achievement Therapy By Exposure
Group Therapy Strategies Years of Avoidance Social Networking
Is It for Me?

Social Skills Practice

Allowing you to gain an understanding of the people around you in your everyday life is key to realising that you are part of a wider world where social anxiety is prevalent. Attending a social anxiety group is an emotional leap in itself.

Even the idea of stepping through the door into the meeting room causes a panic to wash over many sufferers, the idea of attending one may not be something you consider appropriate for you but try and keep an open mind. Have a look at what is available in your local area and see what you think.

Remember the people who attend a social anxiety group do so for the same reasons you would, seeking emotional support, meeting likeminded people, ultimately leading to a feeling of fulfilment through helping yourself as you build personal confidence and discover you are not alone.

Feeling Part of Something

Social events or outings are a vital part of a social anxiety group as they allow you to test out your developing self and approach situations with other like minded people you feel comfortable with.

There is no pressure to attend any organised events or meetings outside of the safety of the group setting but it would be a positive step forward to attend in the first place.

Sense of Achievement

Leading to a feeling of fulfilment through contribution a social anxiety group can be the best place to feel equal and start to shine. Helping others will build your personal confidence as you discover you are not alone.

You deserve to be happy and free from the symptoms of social anxiety and a group setting may be a place to give you that positivity in your life.

Therapy By Exposure

After starting to feel confident in a group setting you should find they offer lots of advice and strategies from staff or other members on a variety of life areas. You will find some are not appropriate to your needs but there should be plenty to access suitable for you.

A social anxiety group should for example offer help with job interviews, meetings, speaking with strangers, dating, attending parties, eating and drinking in public, speaking with authority figures i.e. teachers or hospital consultants, general trips, situations where you would be observed.

Strategies in a Social Anxiety Group

The usefulness of a social anxiety group as against specific therapy is the chance to meet other people realising you are not alone and being able to pull on a wide variety of different strategies for handling your social anxiety disorder symptoms in particular situations.

One to one counselling whilst it is likely to feel more comfortable is very specific. It can allow you greater analysis of particular distressing childhood events for example, but a group setting allows you to connect with people and discover over time how your experiences may be similar.

Years Of Avoidance

The cycle of social anxiety tends to be avoiding situations that make us feel uncomfortable. This keeps the cycle going and inevitably leads to making symptoms worse and long term. To attend a group may be your first step towards breaking out of the unhappiness trap.

The environment for a social anxiety group has a safe atmosphere and a supportive environment. The very idea of attending such a group may sound the biggest hurdle you have ever faced and it certainly needs to be said that a group setting is not for everyone. I am a private person and to be quite honest however much I have tried to sell the idea it would not be suitable for me.

I am an extremely independent person and felt despite my high fear levels the internet was a far better starting point for me.

Social Networking

Social networking websites in their essence are a place for people to come together to share and observe other peoples life experiences. These are not often a positive place for individuals to get over social anxiety.

The written word can be easy to read negatively and seeing photos of amazing places people have been to, or when they have checked in together at an event you were not invited to, can be damaging. If you are on Facebook or a similar site avoid looking at the number of friends people have.

In reality the average person has around four true friends they can count on. Many people add friends on Facebook like putting peas into a pan. Acquaintances or adding people you have only just met does not entitle them to be called a friend. Virtual friends are different in many cases although there will be exceptions to this rule.

Is It For Me?

Not necessarily, you may find the whole concept of a social anxiety group hugely daunting. I have mentioned that a group setting was not for me. As a shy child and an adult suffering with extreme shyness or social anxiety stepping into a room of strangers, coping with a room full of people was ultimately not a positive first step. I am on the other side of my journey.

Imagine it like a narrow and scary bridge. When standing, looking at the bridge the idea of walking across it would fill me with overwhelming panic. Taking small steps safely and securely whilst testing yourself may seem a more appropriate method for you. It certainly was for me. I have made it, you can too.

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