Recognizing Social Anxiety Symptoms

If you’ve been experiencing social anxiety symptoms for some time now, it’s easy to not even recognize them after a while. After all, when you spend so much time living in fear and constant worry over social interactions, the social anxiety disorder symptoms can feel like a regular part of life.

I specifically remember that feeling of adrenaline pumping through my veins any time I was put on the spot in a social situation. Causes of social anxiety as seemingly innocent as just walking into my office building every morning created a pit of butterflies in my stomach.

I worked a big corporate building where the entranceway was a big, open atrium. People would pass through the revolving doors in hordes and co-workers were constantly trying to make conversation all the way up to my floor.

How was your weekend?” became the bane of my existence as a I would struggle every Monday morning to mudder something comprehensible that would satisfy the asker.

Social Anxiety Symptoms – An Overview:

General Topics: Common Symptoms Video Tutorial Free Video Series
Specific Applications: The Turning Point An Action Plan

Common Social Anxiety Symptoms

Maybe you’re familiar with some of the symptoms that people with social anxiety encounter. They include:

– Racing heartbeat
– A sense of uncontrollable panic
– Difficulty swallowing or speaking
– Stuttering
– Uncertainty of where to position your hands or body
– Paralyzing fear
– Hyper self-consciousness
– Paranoia
– Low self-esteem
– Poor eye contact
– Depression
– A tense, easily aggravated personality
– Isolating yourself by choice
– Separation of friends, family and members of the opposite sex.
– A feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin

…and so much more.

These social anxiety symptoms all became commonplace in the wake of my intensified social anxiety (which grew worse after college).

I’d always been a shy kid and the degree of my social anxiety only heightened year by year as I let the problem grow by the wayside. I never addressed it and it led to a life that I became afraid of.

Maybe that’s where you’re at now. Social anxiety symptoms have overtaken every moment out in public and it feels like there’s no solution. I’m happy to tell you that there is.

I’m talking to you right now from the other side of that story.

The Turning Point for Social Anxiety Symptoms

I distinctly remember missing out on my sister’s surprise 30th birthday party because I couldn’t deal with the social dynamics of the gathering. It was just too overwhelming for me to take on.

When I called my sister the next day to apologize, she told me that she completely understood and that she knows those kinds of parties are challenging for me.

We’re pretty close and she’s always been the rock that I could turn to. No matter how debilitating my social anxiety became, my sister was the one person I could turn to and feel comfortable no matter what.

Hearing her tell me that she accepts my social shortcomings turned a switch and forever changed my future.

I felt like a victim, hearing her say that. I felt like the anxiety had won, it was over and the comforting words she was doling out nailed the coffin shut. I felt like a loser.

It was that same low self-esteem that had kept me down in all my social interaction, masking the reality of the situation.

I could change at any time.

So, after I got off the phone with my sister, I swore to myself that that was the low point of my social anxiety and I wasn’t going to let the problem tear me away from the one person it had never affected before.

My social anxiety had crossed the line.

And it took this kind of experience to make me stand up for myself by saying no to the fear and finding some way – any way – to fix this horrible way of living.

My social anxiety symptoms are no more and it didn’t come easy. Dealing with social anxiety took time, persistence and a very specific approach – one that took 11 years to perfect.

See, when I first set out to eliminate my social anxiety symptoms, I had no idea what I was doing. First, I would speak with counselors and therapists but it never felt like they really KNEW what I was going through.

Sure they were insanely smart and very profound with their advice but they just couldn’t empathize with me. Plus, it felt like they were sort of just listening, trying to rationalize my thoughts for me without giving me a real action plan to getting better.

An Action Plan for Social Anxiety Symptoms

After working with Therapists and Counselors for a few years, I had reached a plateau with my progress. I understood why I was afraid in social situations but that didn’t make the social anxiety symptoms any better to bear.

So, it was then that I started devising ways to counter attack the anxiety with strategies that actually put me into the social situation.

I began to control social interactions and that control allows you to realize that the fear is something you can either accept or move beyond.

These step by step techniques are what broke the endless cycle of my social anxiety symptoms and allowed me to move on to enjoy a life that is filled with possibility and gratitude.

If you’re stuck in a rut, and want to take advantage of the research that took me 11 years to condense into a single online course, check out my free video series and discover how to get over social anxiety symptoms for good. Sign Up below and I’ll send the first video right to your inbox.

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