Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Common social anxiety disorder symptoms can include a racing heartbeat, blushing, shaking, sweating, being unable to think of anything to say or feeling stupid or boring.

Other social anxiety disorder symptoms include a sense of uncontrollable panic, difficulty swallowing or speaking, stuttering, uncertainty in where to position your hands or body, paralyzing fear, feeling hyper-self conscious, paranoia, low self-esteem, poor eye contact, depression, a tense easily aggravated personality, isolating yourself by choice, separation of friends, family and members of the opposite sex or simply a feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin.

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms – An Overview:

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Specific Applications: Personal Relationships Handling Your Emotions Understanding the Past
Brainstorm Coping Mechanisms

People with social anxiety often find that symptoms feel like part of your everyday life as you have learned to accept the reactions.

You are not alone in your Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Do any of those sound familiar, before I understood quite what social anxiety was all those years ago I used to cry every time I was at a hospital appointment or in a job interview. It causes me a huge amount of frustration and concern. I had no idea why my body reacted this way although I did recognise that each of these people had something in common.

They were all authority figures. If I sensed any level of authority from them I would talk through uncontrollable tears. They would understandably be completely confused by my reaction. How I moved from job to job I am not sure but I realize now I often took jobs that did not interest me as the interviews were easier to get through.

Personal Relationships Or Friendships

Often social anxiety disorder symptoms impede on establishing. Social anxiety is extremely isolating. Sometimes people take on more than they deserve and suffer an unbalanced friendship or relationship as they crave the attention of affirmation of their core belief. For example; a person I have helped told me that she did not get along with her husband and felt like she tolerated him. She did not feel anything she did was right or appreciated.

After working with me she discovered that her core belief was she was not good enough, she fed this core belief by believing she deserved the man she married and that he must be some form of saint to even put up with her.

Over time she was able to rebalance this hot thought and see that she is good enough, as good enough as everyone around her that she had always felt inferior to. This allowed her to tackle the problems in her relationship. She was good enough and now she knew it.

Handling Your Emotions

Your emotions are personal to you but experienced by many, they come from your core beliefs which were formed as you grew and often compounded by events over time. I realized through CBT for social anxiety and my own research which I will discuss in a further article that my reaction to cry was caused by my childhood reaction to cry with my father who was an intense and harsh character.

This reaction was buried deep inside me and I did not even know where or how. I never related it back to something from my past. By understanding the causes of social anxiety and why I cried, I was able to stop the cycle of my social anxiety symptoms. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for social anxiety helped me understand my thoughts but did not help me establish how to stop the symptom occurring.

Understanding How the Past Effects The Present Is Key

It is a really good idea to write things down, instead of everything floating around in your head make a list of your social anxiety disorder symptoms. Draw lines from each symptom and target when those social anxiety disorder symptoms typically arise, this is a good first stage on realising what is happening.

It will be difficult but set it as a longer term study. Use a notebook or journal to draw it in so you can keep it with you to add ideas and thoughts as they arise. Buy one that is suitable for carrying with you.


Close your eyes and take a moment out from the world to think, imagine one of your social anxiety disorder symptoms and really focus on it. Does anything come into your head, no matter how fleeting for what in your past might have impacted on you and led to this reaction?

I realize this is not an easy task and one to be looked at over a period of time. Add this as a page in your notebook or journal and try and revisit this technique regularly as you do. Whether it is single word or sentences that come to mind, write them down.

Coping Mechanisms

There are strategies you can use in dealing with social anxiety symptoms. To deal with crying at authority figures I use visualisation. I briefly close my eyes when I feel the lump forming in the back of my throat and imagine my family around me, holding and supporting me and smiling.

The smiling is particularly important as it gives me a warm relaxing glow and I can re enter the room by opening my eyes and feel calm. It is a good idea to brainstorm possible coping strategies you could embrace whether it is taking deep breaths or chewing gum. You can listen to lots of advice and ideas but ultimately you will use all the guidance to form your own unique action plan.

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