Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Options

Does the thought of being in social situations and engaging in conversation make you cringe with discomfort? Fear not! The following social anxiety disorder treatment will systematically ramp up your confidence with others as well as give you total control over day to day social interactions.

I know that may sound hard to believe. After all, if your social anxiety was anything like mine was, the mere thought of having to make small talk completely cripples you with paralyzing fear and self-consciousness.
I’ve been there and I’m happy to tell you that there is a way out.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment – An Overview:

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Specific Applications: A Game At Work Incentivizing Rewards Why Treatment Works

Applying the right social anxiety disorder treatment is easier than you think. The secret is in the approach you take. Here’s what I mean…

See, most therapists and counselors recommend a cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety approach (CBT). This is where you force yourself into socially awkward situations to overcome the initial anxiety and gently ease your mind into an adaptive state when faced with these circumstances. There’s just one big problem with this strategy – it’s terrifying to implement.

Taking Baby Steps – A Personalized Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Approach

I tried CBT for social anxiety when I first started taking action on my problem. It was a huge disaster. After the second or third time exposing myself to moderate sized social crowds, I actually swore off the goal and truly believed that this would just be a problem I’d face for the rest of my life.

Thank goodness, I didn’t give up. I probably would have wound up a hermit, living in the woods if I actually threw in the towel at that time. Instead, I took a different strategy towards my social anxiety treatment disorder. It was a strategy that allowed me to scale up from extremely small social challenges to larger hurdles like going to parties, family gatherings and even dating. Yup, it really is possible to get past the social anxiety and have a love life.

And listen, I’m not some exceptional case when I talk about this social anxiety disorder treatment. I’m just a regular, introverted dude, who was scared at the thought of even having to establish eye contact with someone – particularly at the workplace.

And with this specific symptom in mind (lack of eye contact), I decided to take my first baby step towards beating social anxiety at the workplace – a busy corporate environment.

My Unique Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment – A Game at Work

The worry of social anxiety can really take the motivation out of your work day. Instead of waking up in the morning and looking forward to a day of productivity, you wind up fearing anyone’s attempt to greet or engage you socially.

This was one of my major pain points at work, so I decided to tackle this phobia head on and get over social anxiety, while making a game out of it at the same time. Here’s what I did…

On an index card, I wrote down a headline at the top that said Good Mornings . The object of the social anxiety disorder treatment was simple. I would try to get 20 consecutive Good Mornings in a row. So, what the heck does that mean? Well, every work day, I would either say Good Morning AND make eye contact with someone in the hallway – that was the goal. Simple, right?

Also, if someone beat me to the punch and said Good Morning first, I would have to say it back AND make eye contact for it to count as a point on the card.

Each day with a successful exchange counted as a point and I would mark down a point on the index card. The rules were that I needed to do this every day consecutively. If I chickened out and missed a day, the card started from the beginning again and I needed to start all over with the goal of 20 exchanges.

If I received 20 points (20 days in a row) I would scale up the goal to saying Good Morning AND asking a conversational question to someone in the same day. This was the nature of the challenge. Make it a game with measurable success that I could track and reward myself for.

Incentivizing the Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

For each card completed, I would reward myself in some way. This will be important for you too.
So, for the first card, Good Mornings I wrote on the back the name of a bottle of wine that I really love. Prior to engaging in this first goal, I bought the wine. It lingered in my kitchen for quite some time before I had finally completely the goal (20 days in a row) and rewarded myself with it.

Maybe wine isn’t your thing. Maybe you like clothes, video games, gourmet desserts – whatever it is, buy that thing or have that thing in front of you before setting out to complete your social anxiety disorder treatment goal.

The incentive is important because it makes the process more tangible for you to participate in.
Social anxiety exists in your mind. When you create incentives that are materialistic, it solidifies your actions by having you reach for something you desire physically. At the same time you’re working towards this materialistic goal, you’re making inroads towards your mental goal.

Ideally, you should make your incentives greater in proportion to the escalation of your goals.

Bear in mind that consecutive action isn’t always applicable to the exercise at hand. For example, you could have a goal that says “Go on 5 dates within 6 months”. You can restrict the timeline based on the thing you’re striving for. That said, a timeline is vital for this to work. It prevents you from procrastinating and avoiding the goal of dealing with social anxiety altogether.

So, if a long-term goal is going out every Saturday night in public (with or without friends) for 4 consecutive weekends, be sure to have an incentive planned that you really, really desire.

Why This Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Works

The biggest point I want to stress about this strategy is the accountability that you face when participating. You are literally keeping score on your progress and that not only pushes you forward but also shows you how far you’ve come.

I used to pin my index cards on my desk at home to encourage my growth and show me that I’m really much stronger than I realized.

After 11 years of working on my social anxiety, I can happily say it has become extremely minimal. After years of step by step practice using methods like this one, I’ve developed a paint by numbers formula for systematically overcoming this disorder and living the life I’ve always wanted. One that is without fear, paranoia or worry of what others think.

You can see exactly how I did it by signing up below and engaging in the exact same social anxiety disorder treatment that set me free. I have no doubt your results will be the same. Be sure to fill in your name and email below and I’ll send you the first of a series of free videos that will guide you step by step to relieving all you social anxiety disorder symptoms one at a time. See you on the other side.

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