CBT For Social Anxiety Explained

Social anxiety can be overwhelming and getting over social anxiety takes perseverance. It took me eleven years to formulate my approach and get over that bridge, becoming free from social anxiety. CBT for social anxiety is one approach that is used in the medical world.

Talking to a therapist or counsellor for some people is effective although one course of treatment is not usually long enough to recover. It has taken many, many years to reach the level of social anxiety or shyness you are suffering. CBT for social anxiety would not be a quick fix solution. Therapists or counsellors are not always easy to connect with leaving you feeling they have not really listened to you. One therapist I saw used to sit at an unusual angle from me making notes as I talked. When I stopped talking he would wave his arm for me to start talking again. Not exactly useful.

Understanding CBT for Social Anxiety – Quick Overview:

General Topics: A Brief History The Theory of CBT Real Life Application
Specific Uses: Strategies in Motion Will it Help You? A Simple Exercise
Step by Step Video Tutorial Free Video Series on Overcoming Social Anxiety

The History of CBT for Social Anxiety

CBT has evolved over time, the basics of it remain the same. It is a collection of theories and techniques. It is you that must put the effort to change your life. There are some people who expect that therapy will change them without them needing to do anything. A bit like having physiotherapy appointments.

If you are given a sheet of exercises for an injury but do not do them as regularly as you are told to they will not help. Individuals with social anxiety are often frightened to make these big leaps but ultimately doing nothing only makes your situation deteriorate in the longer term.

CBT For Social Anxiety In Theory

CBT in theory is looking at your thinking style, analyzing your thinking style and studying your thinking errors. Some CBT therapists will look at your history, delving into your childhood and questioning how your core beliefs were formed that has led to these thinking errors.

They would help you work through your key problems and social anxiety disorder symptoms, including the causes of social anxiety. Focusing on your hot thought in each key situation and teaching you this strategy to apply to places or events you face in your day to day life.

Other CBT therapists or counsellors focus purely on the here and now with no reference to how to established the core beliefs which hold you back in discovering the amazing you.

CBT For Social Anxiety In Real Life

Often CBT for social anxiety does not offer empathy. They are not in your situation, although there are exceptions in general they have not suffered with social anxiety.

They can help you understand your thoughts but not give you an action plan for your own life. Ultimately you have to learn to control social situations and interactions accepting fear as something you can handle and move beyond. You can have a life full of possibilities by taking advantage of my experience and research.

I can help you where CBT for social anxiety falls short. Some professionals believe that CBT can solve a mental health issue, CBT that has not been specifically adapted for dealing with social anxiety is not particularly effective at treating it.

How Can You Work It Into Your Own Life.

You are a unique individual, an amazing human being. The best approach to applying CBT for social anxiety is to combine it with other strategies, you will find that some methods work better for you than others.

You may have tried hypnotherapy, reading books about the topic or tried and struggled with forming your own way to deal best with how to get over social anxiety. You have to face your own social anxiety issues but I have been there and can help you. Even though this journey is an independent one there are many people suffering with some level of social anxiety.

Will CBT Give Me My Life Back?

So maybe you are planning on trying CBT as well as group therapy to try and increase your exposure. The definition of the reduction in social anxiety from CBT is called ‘significant’, this is ultimately not a solution in itself.

The time you are given for CBT therapy session can be limited and when you reach the maximum number of weeks you are back trying to put theory into practise, this is difficult when you have spent a decade or more getting to where you are now. Some social anxiety suffers find they have tried various courses etc and are looking for the one that works. Limited sessions in cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety are unlikely leaving you walking out of the room wanting to shout “I’m cured!”

Looking Up – a Simple Exercise

A very simple coping mechanism for certain situations with social anxiety is this. When you are feeling high levels of anxiety simply look up or look out of the window.

Find a cloud and write using your imagination all the unhelpful thoughts coming into your mind. Then watch as the cloud drifts away and you let those negative thoughts go. We do not need to keep all our thoughts in our head, often the amount of thoughts is absolutely overwhelming which can cause panic in itself.

Let unhelpful thoughts go, if it helps to think about a thought and try and rationalise it with strategies you are reading about then do so. But sometimes if the thought is about a situation we cannot change then thoughts can be unhelpful, look up and let them go.

I can help you, be sure to sign up for my free video series on how to get rid of social anxiety once and for all with a simple, yet effective method that took me eleven years to construct. Just fill in your name and email next to this article and I’ll send you the first video immediately, take care.

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