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How to Treat Social Anxiety – Mindset Mastery

Knowing how to treat social anxiety can mean the difference between a life of complete social freedom and a crippling existence where you hide from day to day interactions.

I know this firsthand because I used to belong to the later of the two.

I probably don’t have to tell you dealing with social anxiety is like having a wall in between you and the rest of the world. Despite your best efforts, the overwhelming fear, panic and self-consciousness envelopes your every action.

Personally, the paranoia I felt when in social situations was unbearable. I would also constantly squirm and feel restless, not knowing where to put my hands, my body, how to stand or sit – you name it.

My thoughts were super negative all the time and I was by far my biggest critic.

If you’ve been experiencing any of this stuff, you’re talking to the right guy. I’ve been in your shoes and I can tell you how to work yourself out of this life-long anxiety once and for all.

I know that sounds a bit promising but really, there are ways to evolve out of social anxiety and I’m going to show you step by step how it’s done.

How to Treat Social Anxiety – Like a Pro:

General Topics: Fixing Your Approach Video Tutorial Free Video Series
Specific Uses: My Crazy Analogy Step by Step Exercises Monitoring

Fixing Your Approach on Social Anxiety

One of the the easiest ways to sabotage all your efforts is to take the mindset of a victim. What I mean by that is, many social anxiety sufferers consider this a permanent condition and that they are socially disabled forever.

I certainly used to take this approach. I considered myself already defeated at just the thought of an approaching social interaction.

I took myself out of the game before it even began.

That was, of course, until I discovered how to get rid of social anxiety and treat it the way it’s meant to be treated.

Instead of focusing directly on the anxiety, I began focusing on the situations surrounding it and realized that my fear and phobia were a direct result of a lack of skills in social dynamics.

Here’s an analogy for you and forgive me, I’m terrible with analogies.

Inside-Cockpit-Of-A-PlaneImagine for a moment you’re thrown into a Jumbo 747 Jet. An angry mob of people pick you up and drag you into the cockpit.

You’re then locked in the room and as the panic sets in you realize you have two options.

You can freak out and go down with the whole plane in a disastrous crash OR you can start learning how to fly this plane and lose your fear of ever being in this situation again.

I’m going to show you how to fly this plane.

I’m going to get you controlling the causes of social anxiety by teaching you how all the buttons work on the dashboard.

I’m talking about a skillset here. One that you’ve been lacking for a while.

Once you become a master of your mindset, you realize that no one can hurt you in life but you. It’s your own negative thinking that paralyzes you in social situations and I’m going to show you how to utilize the power that’s already within you to gain the mental freedom that’s been restricted all this time.

How To: Exercises For Treating Social Anxiety

brain lifting weights for exerciseThrough my videos, you’re going to learn some very useful kung fu for defending your own negative thinking in social situations.

The exercises are just that. They build your mental muscles, improving your attitude on how to get over social anxiety in all situations with every person you encounter.

That’s because they are pragmatic – they go beyond theory.

These skill building exercises start slow. I’m not going to try to throw you into the deep end of the social anxiety pool from the getgo. I know how terrifying that can be.

Instead, these lessons will build upon one another, allowing you to take bigger risks each time until you’ve completely tamed you social phobia.

I give you real life situations and how to treat social anxiety as it creeps into every day scenarios. Here’s a quick example of one:

Important Tip on How to Treat Social Anxiety – Monitoring

Social anxiety is unique to everyone who encounters it. You’ll want to start pinpointing your specific social anxiety triggers so you can better tailor your solutions.

Girl Writing In Her DiaryI recommend keeping a diary (or small journal) – nothing fancy and nothing that requires extensive writing. You’re going to keep notes on daily situational anxiety triggers.

So, let’s say someone at work greets you in the hallway and your face starts sweating, you can’t make eye contact and you totally avoid the confrontation, this would be something to jot down in the journal.

Try to gauge the level of anxiety you experience in these situations on a scale of 1 to 10.

Take notes on the specific qualities of the encounter that made you uncomfortable.

If the person was in your personal space or made you feel inferior or self-conscious or in some way, try to accurately target the emotion.

You’re then going to start building up an inventory of counter attack skills that will disarm those negative perceptions that you have. And I’m going to show you how to do this and get over social anxiety in a step by step format.

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