Overcoming Social Anxiety And Shyness

Nearly everyone suffers social anxiety disorder symptoms at some point in their life but for some people this takes over and they can feel depressed or lonely. At the point it interferes with your normal life it is social anxiety. Some people refer to social anxiety as extreme shyness.

Is this you, I can help you with overcoming social anxiety and shyness. Shyness often begins in childhood, it can come from your upbringing, the environment you grew up in or even can run in a family.

Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness – An Overview:

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Specific Uses: Worrying Too Much The Vicious Cycle Talking It Out
Getting Out and About Speaking Your Mind

There are many reasons for shyness. Feeling scared to do or say what you really want is extremely restrictive with individuals often choosing to opt out from all social situations.

Others Around You

For someone trying to help a person with overcoming social anxiety and shyness they may feel telling the person to sort themselves out or forcing them into situations would be helpful.

This is likely to be more damaging for the person suffering with anxiety. With the right knowledge and understanding the majority of people on the journey to overcoming social anxiety and shyness can gain confidence and get over social anxiety in all situations.

Shyness or dealing with social anxiety has an impact on your entire life from going out with family or friends and difficulties finding a life partner.

Worrying Too Much

Being on your own can make overcoming social and anxiety and shyness difficult. When on your own, your mind has time to wander.

You may for example sit and think about your past, with unhelpful thoughts about yourself, others and the world. When this was me my confidence in dealing with situations reduced greatly.

I worried about things and felt very low and anxious to the point where I thought about ending my life. The less I did, the worse I felt. The worse I felt, the less I did. A vicious cycle.

The Vicious Cycle

The less you do, the worse you feel. This is often the cycle of social anxiety. The less I did the more I worried or chewed over the past. The more I worried and chewed over the past the worse I felt.

This is damaging to you and you do not deserve that. You are as good as anybody else and you deserve to be the best and be treated well by yourself and others. Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself.

You have value, there are people who love and care about you. You have to accept yourself first and try and step out of the vicious cycle you are trapped within for overcoming social anxiety and shyness.

Talking to People About How I Felt

This was a major hurdle for me. To tell one person how I felt was a major leap forward. If walking past someone and having to mutter a basic hello or giving a passing smile was hard, speaking out to someone even over a small aspect of social anxiety was like learning to fly a plane.

When I was overcoming social anxiety and shyness I avoided all possible social situations I could get away with. I considered myself to not be good enough. I was not good enough in comparison to other people and to attend an event would spoil it for other people.

What interesting things could I possibly have to say, what if I said the wrong thing to someone? It was easier not to go but avoiding each gathering made the feelings worse and the anxiety increased.

Getting Out And About

Great things come from small beginnings; the same can be applied in how to treat social anxiety. One small step can feel like a giant leap. Repeatedly taking that same small step makes that stage manageable and the anxiety is reduced. For example I was invited to my neighbour’s house for a cup of coffee.

The idea of making conversation with a stranger filled me with panic, he was a new neighbour and fear filled my mind. What if he met me and did not like me, he would have to put up with me for years possibly. What if he then told other neighbours in the block about what he thought of me.

It was far safer to stay at home. To try and break this cycle I decided to try and initially force myself to stop when I saw his car pull in. I used a strategy of counting in my head whilst thinking about a beach scene which I found relaxing. Initially I found this thinking technique difficult but over time it worked for me.

I started by exchanging a hello and some polite basic conversation. Over several times my anxiety levels were reduced and I was able to move onto the next stage before finally having that coffee.

Speaking Your Mind

This is often an area of great difficulty in overcoming social anxiety and shyness. Telling people how you feel for many sufferers of social anxiety is extremely difficult. A good starting point is to make a list of feelings, how many words connected with feelings do you know. Try to start a sentence with ‘I feel’, for example simply telling the neighbour you feel let down when a parcel did not arrive is a good starting point in expressing yourself and realising you have value in the world.

Your feelings count as you are important. Reminding yourself that you have value is important in taking the first steps to overcoming social anxiety and shyness.

You are welcome to sign up for my free video series on how to treat social anxiety once and for all with a simple, yet effective paint by numbers system that took me eleven years to construct. I go over the root causes of social anxiety and break down your ultimate path to recovery. Just fill in your name and email next to this article and I’ll send you the first video immediately, take care.

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